How often have you seen a person in need and thought, “Someone needs to do something”? Perhaps you feel helpless or the person you have learned about is in another country and you cannot reach them? Without Excuse Endeavor has been created to provide resources to those close to a need who are doing something…and you can help too!

WithOut Excuse Endeavor currently aids and assists workers in Ukraine that bring supplies to orphanages and mentor and provide activities for at-risk youth and teens in Ukraine.  Our goal is to ensure the under-privileged which we can reach are provided basic needs and are taught skills to live in our world.  We currently are able to support food and clothing provisions to rural orphanages and support camps and after-school programs for youth and teens in Ukraine.

We are hoping to build a larger support network near the rural orphanages so our workers will not need to travel as far and can focus on expanding the aid to other under-served areas!

One of our long-term goals is the support of one or more Transition Homes.  A somewhat new concept in countries which still have orphanages, Transition Homes are large homes in which children that have “aged out” of orphanages may live in a family-style environment.  There are usually multiple “house parents” that spend various days there being the parent to up to 10 children that live there and teach survival skills of life, such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting and healthy home relationship building.  To prevent the cycle of orphans growing up and being ill-prepared to survive life and having children which end up in orphanages, Transition Homes are going to play a vital role in changing society.

Whether you are interested in traveling to help, purchasing supplies to bring to orphanages, or simply want more information, reach out to us via our Contact page and let us know!