2024 Seeds of Hope Project

2024 Seeds of Hope Project


Seeds of Hope…Andriy’s newest project for his fellow Ukrainians!

Andriy has used the funds you have donated to purchase 3 more greenhouses and boxes and boxes of seeds!  His vision is to help his fellow countrymen and women to be able to provide for themselves and their villages this summer.  Andriy purchased 16 greenhouses in 2023 and plans to purchase 16 more in 2024!

Below is a collage of the seeds in their original containers being loaded into Andriy’s van:

After opening the boxes, they folded 1000 boxes to create Seedboxes to give to 1000 families!

Also, Andriy’s team created 100 Medical Kits for the elderly.  They had these kits covering the entire floor of a home, including the furniture!

Andriy’s ideas never cease to amaze me and his ability to organize his Freeway Team to make his dreams into a reality is a real accomplishment!  Thank you to you all who regularly donate and who donate when you can!  You can always be assured your donations are going to an amazing individual who is using the funds to help others in the best way he knows how!

In some unfortunate news, Andriy’s son’s indoor soccer stadium was hit by Russian missiles during January.  If anyone knows anyone within FIFA or some other organization that could help rebuild this place that so many kids have used as a peaceful outlet to just be a kid again, please reach out to Andriy or me!

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and please keep Andriy and his team in your prayers!  There is a lot of uncertainty for Ukraine this year as support from other countries has been reduced.  I ask you all to please at least support Andriy as you know the money you donate is being used to help those less fortunate!  You may donate at http://give.woee.org/crisis or mail your checks to Without Excuse Endeavor, Inc, PO Box 52, Toccoa GA 30577.