End of Year 2023 Update

End of Year 2023 Update

Two trips East and much accomplished!

Following up from my most recent email at Christmas, Andriy sent me photos of the progress he made and supplies he brought!  In addition to the photos below, Andriy brought many gifts for children living in villages near the frontlines.

An American family spearheaded a campaign to deliver 50 Hygiene Packs that had a variety of personal care items in addition to a Ukrainian-language Bible in each one!  We pray these packs are a blessing to each family and that the Bibles are read and personal relationships with Jesus are created, restored and strengthened!

Andriy was also able to coordinate wood delivery to village families that blessed many homes near the frontlines in the East!

Despite the enemy launching attacks against Ukraine last week that rivaled the very beginning of the invasion, Andriy maintained his focus and delivered his supplies, just as he planned to.  May God continue to bless Andriy and keep him, his family and the individuals he partners with safe!

I will be sending out the 2023 Giving Statements in the next 24 hours.  If the system sends in the same format as last year, they will be addressed from <Jonathon Williams noreply@give.fivetwo.org> and the Subject will be 2023 Giving Statement.  I wish everyone who reads these newsletters a wonderful New Year and I hope everyone who donates will receive blessings for your blessings to Andriy and the other partners of WOEE!