Fall 2023 Update

Fall 2023 Update

Andriy continues his efforts helping those who are in need and they are paying off!

Although I have not sent an update on Andriy in many months, the fault is my own and not for lack of Andriy’s efforts!  On the contrary, Andriy has continued his efforts helping those on the frontlines and in war-stricken areas develop methods, providing tools and developing systems to survive.  

Andriy was, thankfully, able to relax some this summer with his family…he was able to pour into them his time and his love, focusing on his son’s soccer and doing family things like going fishing!  We praise the Lord for that!  He still organized and participated in some good projects such as the one below:  Drilling a well for a village!  They ran hoses to neighboring homes and there is a spigot at the well anyone in the village can come to and access fresh water!

Andriy also brought chicks to multiple families in the war-torn southeast region. The chickens grown quickly, which is a great return on investment!

Unfortunately there was much sadness and loss for Andriy this summer due to Russian bombing. One, a wonderful man and pastor named Nicolay who lived the Bible as much as he preached it was killed by Russian bombing….a terrible loss for his community.  I spoke about this man’s heart for God in an earlier newsletter recognizing him for leading an occupying Russian soldier to the Lord.  An amazing testimony!  He was known for helping so many in the area and distributed supplies that Andriy delivered regularly.

Also, a young man that Andriy had known for a long time and who attended Andriy’s Freeway after-school programs in the city and go on Freeway camping trips, Anton, was killed in action defending his country, his family and his friends.  A brave young man who had the hearts of many, especially Andriy.  There have been far too many senseless losses that so many Ukrainians have endured.

This Fall Andriy has been able to use a trailer to bring even more items to stricken areas so he’s able to carry much more and not require a second driver or second van!  The picture below shows Andriy unloading supplies and below that, a 2000lb potato harvest!

As usual, Andriy has been able to organize deliveries of firewood for villages!  This pile of firewood is for 4 families…the next day enough wood for 8 more families was delivered!

Also, Andriy brought many portable propane heaters and propane for those in need in this region.

Later in the Fall, more recently, Andriy brought more supplies including food, chickens, heaters and propane to an adjacent region to struggling villages and was able to help dozens more families!

The bottom photos in this set of 4 are of more is the chicken delivery and wood for a village!

Below are just a few recipients of the propane heaters Andriy collected and distributed.

Without the faithful support of Andriy’s supporters, the families and individuals receiving the donations would be going without.  Thank you to each of you who are regular monthly donors!  Most of you have known Andriy for years and know his heart.  Thank you to you who have only recently seen all that Andriy has done for his fellow Ukrainians since the invasion began.

Remember that all donations to Andriy, whether by check mailed to WOEE, P.O. Box 52, Toccoa GA 30577 or donated through https://give.woee.org/crisis are tax-deductible as WithOut Excuse Endeavor is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Also, as a side note, our organization does not retain any money for administration costs on our end….although there are fees involved in the credit card processing, every single cent donated goes to Andriy!  I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and appreciate your prayers for Andriy and Ukraine!