pre-Christmas 2023 Update

pre-Christmas 2023 Update

A New Year is upon us….

and we all pray for victory and peace in Ukraine.

I hope this email finds each one of you having experienced a wonderful Christmas full of family, happiness and appreciation!  As the year ends, Andriy has taken two trips to the East to help families and villages.  The war continues, as Russia sent missiles all over Ukraine yesterday, even to one of the most western cities, Lviv, where there are multiple casualties.  I will have more photos from Andriy’s trips in January, but here is one photo from the first delivery.

Andriy and his family have blessed so many families in crisis the past two years…Andriy has been helping the most unfortunate for two decades…but the last two years has intensified focus on him and he has been able to amplify helping so many, and it’s because of donations from you!

If you wish to donate to Andriy one final time this year, you may do so at or by mailing a check to WOEE, PO Box 52, Toccoa GA 30577.  All donations are US tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  I email Giving Statements around the 7th of January and will mail paper Giving Statements around January 25th.

We pray you all have a safe and blessed New Year!  Please pray for Andriy and his family’s safety throughout this year and in all of 2024!