Fall 2020 Newsletter

Fall 2020 Newsletter

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Despite being one of the strangest years on record, Andriy’s Freeway Team has been as busy as ever and helping people he has not helped before!

The above photos are the harvest of potatoes that were planted this Spring for an orphanage that Andriy supports.  Because of food chain instability that will probably continue in places that are not as wealthy as the US, this crop of potatoes will sustain the orphanage through the winter!

These photos are the After & Before of a Compassion Coops Project!  The finished product looks amazing and the photos below it show how much work was done to accomplish it!

And here is the harvest of the Compassion Coops Project that Andriy envisioned and put into place at several homes!  Although the Foodbox Project has been a great success through the year, Andriy sees that food sustainability will also be necessary for the days to come for those in the most rural areas!

Andriy encountered a family in desperate need of furniture in one of the villages he has been helping.  He put out a request and generous family in Kyiv was able to supply the need!  The photos show a Sprinter completely filled with the furniture items and boxes filled with items for the home and kitchen!

Although Andriy and the Freeway team were not able to visit orphanages as much this year and the camps were cancelled, they were able to host a camp in August in the forest with tent camping, games, swimming and more!

Thank you to all the monthly supporters and a special thank you for a new church 12 month partnership and a very special thank you for an outstanding business donation from some caring folks who really admire how Andriy has helped with the Food Shortages caused by the supply chain breakdowns due to LockDowns earlier this year.  Andriy will continue to help those in need with the Foodbox Project as well has helping families become self-sufficient by the growing of their own eggs for food and barter!  

Also, Andriy is in need of a larger vehicle that he can carry more supplies and people on the rough roads of Ukraine.  He is currently looking for a vehicle to be transported across the Atlantic via ship so if anyone has any input or would like to donate to this cause, the donation link for that specific purpose is: https://give.woee.org/vehicle  Also, if you have a vehicle you wish to donate, please message Andriy and he can tell you if it would be a good fit for his needs and able to survive the rough roads and winter climate of the country of Ukraine!

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