Fall Update 11/1/2022

Fall Update 11/1/2022


Andriy and his Freeway Team have been EXTREMELY BUSY!

After reuniting with his family in August, Andriy was able to take several weeks to reconnect with his wife and kids, which is extremely important for everyone’s emotional and mental health.  However, with winter coming, Andriy and his team have been working with more fervor and at a greater scale than ever before.

Thanks to your continued support, Andriy has been able to get a jump start on buying wood for elderly widows, helping families whose homes were shot by the Russian terrorist army, carrying supplies to the East, carrying clothes and supplies to the West to displaced families, and most recently bringing wood cooking stoves for families in need in the East.

Andriy’s Freeway employee Natalia, whose home was blown up and ALL the Freeway supplies with it, is instrumental in helping Andriy reach more people than in previous years!

Since our last update Freeway has also been able to provide soldiers with some necessary communications equipment…it’s not the best but it definitely helps!

These 4 photos show a man installing a new gas heating system that Freeway purchased for a mother and her 11 year old daughter. Their previous system had been damaged by Russian gunfire.

In these last two photos you can see the 5 wood cookstoves that Andriy is delivering to the East as I write this newsletter. Please continue to pray earnestly for Andriy and the Kolbovsky family’s safety and health and for his entire Freeway team!  Thank you to you all who contribute monthly or send some funds after receiving a newsletter!  Your donations are not only vital for Andriy’s work, but it’s extremely encouraging for Andriy to know his needs are being met and his calling is being fulfilled!

You may support by donating to https://give.woee.org/crisis or mailing a check to WOEE, PO Box 52, Toccoa Georgia 30577 and you can read previous updates at https://woee.org/updates/ Thank you for reading and for your prayers!