Thanksgiving Update 11/24/2022

Thanksgiving Update 11/24/2022



As I was writing the last newsletter at the beginning of November, Andriy was delivering supplies with a group of other brave men to the East.  Along with the wood cookstoves and food that he always brings, Andriy and his team also delivered some very expensive electronics that had been donated by computer technicians in Kyiv.

The photo below is Andriy holding part of an unexploded rocket.  You can see the explosive material inside (orange) surrounded by metal fragments that damage homes and kill.

Andriy’s primary employee with Freeway, Natalia, has continued to organize Freeway’s wood delivery to widows, which is an amazing blessing to behold and to help be a part of!

One of the greatest things about being a part of Andriy’s work is that you know that Andriy is not going to stop….he is ALWAYS finding people in need and is CONSTANTLY finding the best way to help them, all while showing them God’s Love!

This Thanksgiving and Christmas season, please remember Andriy and his family and friends as they continue to struggle daily with various issues that we can’t understand. Please pray for Ukrainian citizens’ safety and that this war would be over sooner than later simply so Ukrainian people can live a normal life again!

Thank you to those of you who make WOEE/Freeway a part of your monthly giving and thank you to those of you who give when you can or when the Lord leads!  It’s an amazing blessing for Andriy to have people around the world that love him and support his work!  Please tell others about Andriy and encourage them to also join in supporting his ministry to Ukrainians in need!  The easiest ways to give are or mailing a check to WOEE, PO Box 52, Toccoa GA 30577.