Freeway Summer 2020 Update FoodBox/Compassion Coops

Freeway Summer 2020 Update FoodBox/Compassion Coops

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This year has presented new challenges to Andriy and Freeway but has presented new opportunities, as well! Because of the current situation, most of the Spring Andriy was not able to enter any orphanages. This has been very disheartening for him and his team but they found many families in the cities near the orphanages he visits that were in real danger of going hungry.

Many families were laid off their jobs for several weeks as the world tried to flatten the curve and therefore did not earn money to buy food. Also, some delivery trucks were not running the same schedules and food simply was not available. Many farms even were not planting as was the custom in that time of year, so there may be some real issues this Fall come harvest time.

Andriy saw an immediate need for several families with children who did not have enough savings to buy food while out of work. These were not families looking for a handout: they usually work to provide for their families but could not work therefore could not buy food. Andriy spearheaded the FoodBox Project that took $100 donations from American donors and bought $100 of food which he delivers to their home. This has been a great outreach for the communities surrounding the orphanages that he serves.


Also, to help these families continue to be able to survive if the economy comes to a halt again, he has created the Compassion Coops Project to build at-risk families small farms. Chickens and goats will be purchased and wood and wire fencing has been built for eggs, milk and meat for families to eat, sell and barter!  He has completed a couple and some photos are below.


If you are interested in donating to the Compassion Coops Project, the donation page can be found at

Thank you for reading and your support of Andriy and Alla!  Their hearts are always looking to help those in need and they need our support more than ever to help them help others and for their own family’s survival!