Summer Camps 2019

Summer Camps 2019

Happy June, fellow supporters of Freeway and WOEE!

Andriy has 3 camps planned for this summer!

1) Beginning this week (June 17-21) he is organizing a camp at an orphanage in Mokrets.  There is a team of 10 Americans working with 10-15 Ukrainians from a local church and I know your prayers would be most coveted!

2) Andriy will host his Brovary city camp beginning on June 24.  He has a huge setback regarding the location of the city camp, which is the local school that the city children attend: this year the school auditorium and gymnasium are off-limits.  In every year past, the auditorium has been the central location of the entire camp (where songs are sung, lessons are taught, games are played, talent shows are performed, crafts are worked on…EVERYTHING except some Master Classes and outside sports).  The weather has been SUPER hot for Ukraine so far this year so Andriy will not have all-day camp, as has always been the norm: there will be morning session from 9am-12pm and an afternoon session from 5pm-7pm so the kids will not be in the sun all day.  Please pray extra hard for this adjusted schedule, Andriy’s team of 2 Americans and his church helpers, that the intense heat will subside, and that next year things can go back to normal!

3) The third camp will be a new concept that we pray will be successful with no unexpected surprises or problems:  the plan is to unite two orphanages into one camp!  The children from Kopyliv and Vovchkiv orphanages will stay for one week at one orphanage!  An American team will be helping to host this unique idea that will bring together 60 kids!  Please pray for the intense planning that will be required to organize and administrate this project!

*Prayers for resources to host a Wilderness Survival Camp:  Andriy would like to host a camp from August 15-25 with only the teenagers from the 3 orphanages he visits.  His plans would be to tent-camp in the woods!  I am sure the teens would love an experience like this, considering how they have not been given such liberty and teaching their entire lives!

*Also, prayers are requested by Andriy on a new mission he and Alla want to take on:  Beginning in September they want to support teens that are graduating from the 3 orphanages which he visits and are in college in Kyiv or next to Kyiv.  They are praying they will have enough resources to help them adjust and live in the dormitory and maybe once per month spend a weekend in Andriy and Alla’s home!  This is a great idea which we are praying God will bless as we know Andriy and Alla will be able to impart life-changing advice to these young people who have no one on whom to rely!

Finally, I want to ask you all to pray for Lukian’s allergic reactions and his skin…he had a bad flare-up a couple nights ago.  Please pray that he will not get any worse and that he will heal quickly so Andriy can focus on the plans for camps and that Lukian will not need to suffer!  Also, Andriy’s sister hurt her hand very badly and the doctors expect she will not be able to work for 2-3 months.  Andriy will need to help support her financially, and that will cause an extra strain because he is already helping some other close family members.

Thank you to those of you who support Andriy’s Freeway with your prayers and monthly financial donations!  Every single penny you give that isn’t taken by a credit card commission goes to Andriy.  WOEE does not retain any money for itself or operational fees.  Andriy had some major wheel issues this past winter on the incredibly harsh Ukrainian roads as he visited orphanages hundreds of miles away.  He posted a fundraiser on his facebook and several of you supporters sent him funds directly and that helped him through that period and we thank you for that!  Regular monthly support helps Andriy to budget and know how much he can expect in the coming months and I encourage every person who loves Andriy and what he is doing in Ukraine to give something, even if it feels like a small amount that won’t mean anything!  During our time there, it seems like $1 of our dollars equates to around $4 of their currency’s spending power (except the cost of vehicles and fuel) so giving $20 per month to him feels like receiving $70-80!  I have never met a more selfless man than Andriy and you can rest assured your gifts are helping someone who only helps others as his mission in life!