Update April 30, 2022 Andriy Freeway

Update April 30, 2022 Andriy Freeway


Hello Supporters of Andriy and WOEE Projects,

 I hope this newsletter update finds you all well and blessed by God for your heart and prayers for the Ukrainian people!  Andriy has been exceptionally busy this entire month.

After the rescue mission Andriy and several other gentlemen went on near the Donetsk region about a month ago, Andriy returned and instead of resting, began his Foodbox Project again.  I had published photos of those families he helped at the beginning of April and he has not stopped since!   My mini-update earlier this week included the contents of each Foodbox so be sure to check that out on our updates webpage:  https://www.woee.org/updates

In the past two weeks Andriy went with members of a group called Radooga and members of Almaz church and several volunteers to a village where people had lost everything.  He was able to bring fuel for a tractor so the people of the village can plant food.  He also brought them a generator so they can have limited electricity for charging phones and other light uses such as power tools.

Here are some photos of individuals to whom Andriy supplied Foodboxes this past week:

Followers of Andriy’s Facebook Page and the WOEE Facebook Page will have seen Andriy’s request for funds specifically to help purchase portable gas stoves and propane tanks to heat them.  While delivering food to families, Andriy saw the need of several families that had lost nearly everything, that many didn’t have an appliance to prepare the food he was bringing.  Andriy used funds he already had to go ahead and purchase 10 propane tanks and gas stoves and he hopes donations will come in to replace the funds he used so there will not be a gap in his budget.  Andriy was very thankful to the gentleman in the top center of this collage for helping him fill the propane cylinders and keeping Andriy from having to wait in a line of 20 cars!

Thank you to each one of you for your prayers and your giving hearts!  Please continue to pray for this war to end soon and in a manner that preserves the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people!  Please pray for wisdom for Andriy as he uses the funds he has received to help the most people.  Please also pray for the other projects that are enabling Ukrainians in areas away from Andriy to help other Ukrainians…the list of projects can be viewed at https://give.woee.org/projects .  Andriy’s work can be donated to at https://give.woee.org/crisis .