Update April 9, 2022 Andriy Freeway

Update April 9, 2022 Andriy Freeway


Hello Supporters of Andriy and WOEE Projects,

I know many if not most of you already follow Andriy’s posts on Facebook and have seen the dozens of photos and videos he has posted recently documenting his travels to war torn areas to provide assistance.  Andriy is so very thankful for your generous hearts that have given to his ministry and mission to help others.  Andriy traveled to a very dangerous area approximately 60 miles from Donetsk with a convoy to carry lots of food to the area.  7 individuals were willing to leave and the group transported them to safer areas in the west.

Also, Andriy visited his friend Natalia that works for Freeway and whose home was blown up by Russians, along with ALL of Freeway’s supplies for camps….ALL of them.  His friend Natalia, who is widowed and has two children, has literally no physical possessions.  Andriy, of course, will be helping her as much as he can.  She can be seen in many photos with Andriy delivering food…despite her recent traumatic experiences, she is still doing the work of helping others.  Please pray for her and her children!

Andriy told me this week that he appreciates all the donations made both financially and physically, that they have made a great impact in helping those with nothing.  Andriy wanted me to pass along that his current needs are primarily financial.  He stated that right now it is much faster to buy things people need (food especially) in Ukraine or in Europe.  He said he will continue to need financial resources to continue evacuation and delivering food that is already in Ukraine.

Also, he said his van will need $2000 to repair several things and that they are using 4 cars for their ministry and almost every trip costs them repairs.

Thank you so much for your hearts and caring!  Donations have continued to be able to transfer to Andriy successfully, for which we are grateful!  I have tried to keep our regular website updated, so if you have missed an email, you can read them at http://www.woee.org/updates You may continue to donate to Andriy at https://give.woee.org/crisis and feel free to view other projects we are helping to support while on https://give.woee.org/projects .