Update End of Summer 9/11/2022

Update End of Summer 9/11/2022


Andriy’s work is bearing fruit! Accomplishments below!

After being reunited in August after 5 months of separation, the Kolbovsky family is happy and continuing to serve their fellow Ukrainians that are in desperate need!  Andriy took several weeks to focus on his family but has recently shared a couple needs and several accomplishments!

Freeway was able to have an “underground camp” late summer that has opened some new opportunities!  The location that held the hugely successful camps pictured here had an adult leader that wants to host weekly Freeway meetings in her nearby village!  Watching Freeway’s mission and outreach expand during this troubled time is very exciting and a direct result of your prayers and Andriy and his team’s hard work!

Andriy also shared photos of another bountiful potato crop this year for an orphanage that Andriy has helped support for several years!  Thank the Lord that the field planted for this harvest was not bombed or burned by invasion forces!

Andriy also sent photos of a van that he let volunteers use that has not been taken care of over the last few months. You can see the completely bald tires and it has several mechanical issues that need to be remedied. It’s a blessing it lasted this long without proper care, but I am confident Andriy will repair it to proper working order using your donations!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Andriy, his family and their ministry!  Please pray for each of Andriy’s Freeway team members that they will remain safe and continue performing such great work and spreading Freeway’s great message through the villages of Ukraine, improving the daily lives of the children, elderly and needy of Ukraine!  Thank you for your support donating to https://give.woee.org/crisis over the past months!  You can read the other updates from years past at https://woee.org/updates/