Update June 6, 2022 Andriy Freeway

Update June 6, 2022 Andriy Freeway


100 Days of War have passed.

Thank you to each person who has given to WOEE to help Ukrainians support other Ukrainians in need!  Many of you have given many times and we pray God blesses you in the same way, and abundantly more, because you have used your finances to bless others.

Andriy has been focusing his efforts on bringing fuel, supplies and food to poor villages. To plant, the people need fuel to operate their tractors. To re-build, they need fuel and a generator to operate power tools. This week Andriy re-visited a couple whose home was completely obliterated by Russian forces and he was going to try to help them organize a plan to get supplies to re-build because they have nowhere else to go.

Millions of Ukrainians are displaced, including Andriy’s wife and children staying here in America. Most of those who were able to flee are in other European countries or are internally displaced, living in other cities of Ukraine that are not their home.  Please pray for all of these individuals, also.

Over these last 100 days your prayers and financial support have transported people to safety, fed the hungry, purchased and transported medicine and medical supplies to hospitals, purchased and delivered vital military gear for soldiers (such as helmets, boots, etc) as well as vests for Andriy’s team for their deliveries (Andriy gave his vest to someone who needed it more in the east), and now helping villages by bringing food, fuel and supplies so they can plant to feed themselves as well as others.

Please continue to pray for Andriy’s safety as he travels. His vehicles continue to need repairs as they are being used constantly to bring aid to people in need and Andriy’s red van’s tires nearly look like race car ‘slicks’ in the back, so he will be needing to remedy that soon.

Also, please pray for wisdom for Andriy, that God would guide his steps and decisions to do the best with what he has to help people and show them God’s love.

To help the kids who are still in-country, Andriy has brought his family’s trampoline to a village for some fun for the kids.  He organized them to clean up an area and set up the trampoline in a backyard :^)

Please also pray for the other projects that are enabling Ukrainians in areas away from Andriy to help other Ukrainians…the list of projects can be viewed at https://give.woee.org/projects .  Andriy’s work can be donated to at https://give.woee.org/crisis