Update March 14, 2022 Andriy Freeway

Update March 14, 2022 Andriy Freeway



Thank you to all of Andriy’s long-time friends and new supporters!
There has been a humbling outpouring of support for Andriy as he works tirelessly every day transporting people and supplies!  Andriy has been working with his church’s network to evacuate the city and other dangerous areas by carrying people west to shelters near the border.  He then transports food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies back to the east for the shelters housing people in the Kyiv region.  

Long-time supporters know from past emails or personal experience how rough roads in Ukraine are and how they can take a tough physical toll on any vehicle.  Andriy KNOWS the prayers of believers around the world are what allowed him to drive non-stop the first week in his personal car with no issues….a true miracle!  A recent praise is that a larger vehicle has been provided from a joint collaboration of a western Ukrainian church and an American named Jeff who does many projects in Eastern Europe.  This vehicle can hold more supplies and more people and makes each trip more valuable.

We also praise God that we have continued to be able to send funds to Andriy quickly and flawlessly and ask for prayers that those lines of communication remain open!  Also, please continue to pray that channels for supplies from bordering European countries to be delivered to Ukraine would remain open!  Above all, please pray for the safety of Andriy and all the citizens of Ukraine and pray for God to change the hearts of the Russian invaders and Russian leaders.

As the Russians have demonstrated in many areas that they will shoot into hospitals, civilians and members of the press, Andriy has been looking for sources of protective equipment such as bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets.  Andriy has reached out to a few individuals regarding these items, and he is planning to use some of his current funds to buy a couple sets for himself but if anyone has any connections that could provide these items to be donated please message one of us so we can all coordinate!

So far, you have given approximately $30,000 since the war began and we have distributed just over $11,700 to Andriy as of this morning.  You can look at the below photo collage and see about 15% of the work Andriy has documented he has done and helped with!

As organizers of support for Andriy, over the years we have loved to collect specific items for him to use in his camps and to carry to orphanages but with shipments to Ukraine disrupted, the best way to support Andriy is financially which you all have done!  Thank you so much for your helpful hearts and your prayers as both have enabled Andriy to keep helping those in need, which is what God has called and enabled Andriy to do!


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