Update March 24, 2022 Andriy Freeway

Update March 24, 2022 Andriy Freeway

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I wanted to give an update on Andriy and where he is seeing a need, plus I wanted to provide some insight into how your funds have been distributed.

Andriy has continued to transport supplies to eastern refugee centers and transport people west.

Andriy states there have been thousands more soldiers added to the Ukrainian army but most are not fully equipped and many need several basic items.  Andriy hopes some other governments will help fill the need but until then the list below was given to me by Andriy:


 1. Military and tactical boots

 2. Dri-tech Moisture Control socks (black)

 3. Knee-pads

 4. Camouflage military uniform (pants and jacket)

 5. T-shirt

 6. Fleece

 7. Thermal underwear

 8. Tactical gloves (half-fingered)

 9. Bulletproof vest

 10. Helmet

 11. Buff (neck warmer) or shemagh scarf

 12. Military hat, military cap

 13. Ballistic glasses

 14. Military belt

 15. Tourniquet or medical kit

 16. Quick clot powder

 17. Headlamp with red lights

 18. Flashlight with usb charger


 1. Sleeping bag

 2. Sleeping mat

 3. Military Duffle Bag with shoulder straps

 4. Shoe Insoles with Moisture Control

 5. Tactical military backpack


 1. Long Radius Walkie Talkies (exmpl. Baofeng UV-82 VHF UHF FM)

 2. Ammo pouch

 3. Tactical Dump pouch

 4. Ammo vest

 5. Medical pouch

 6. Binoculars

 7. Infrared camera

 8. Knife

There are 3 ways to donate to help in this matter, all of them involving Andriy’s friend Igor in Germany who has been carrying supplies to Ukraine for several weeks now.

1. Shop on Amazon.de (the German site for Amazon) and ship to the address below (please screenshot your purchase and email it to Igor at boychuck_igor@ukr.net )
2. Ship directly to the address below
3. Donate to Igor’s Supplies for Ukraine Military fundraiser project https://give.woee.org/IgorProtectorsofPeace

One caveat that Igor and Andriy have discovered is that Igor must pay Import Duty/Tax on items shipped in from US addresses so be aware if you choose to ship items, there could be fees that you also need to donate to reimburse Igor.  Please message me with any questions regarding this unfortunate fact.

Igor’s Shipping Address is:
Igor Boychuk
Hof Mappen 1
65388 Schlangenbad

Here is a snapshot of donations taken in and redistributed out as of March 24, 2022:

Freeway Crisis Fund
Donations: $37926.50 Distributions: $22,056

Igor’s Medical Supplies
Donations: $17,760  Distributions: $17,760

Ukraine Harvest Crisis Relief
Donations: $3,450 Distributions: $2,000

Thankfully financial transactions have continued to be successful 100% of the time to Andriy!  Thank you for your continued support of Andriy and especially your prayers.  Please continue to pray for revival in the country, for the invasion to cease, for Ukrainian forces to successfully defend their country, and for bloodshed of innocent Ukrainians to end!