Update March 30, 2022 Andriy Freeway

Update March 30, 2022 Andriy Freeway



Andriy in a news video AND I asked Andriy questions to give us some perspective of his work during the last month after the invasion:

Andriy was spoken about in an Albuquerque KRQE news video featuring an evacuation story:  https://www.krqe.com/news/albuquerque-metro/ukrainian-woman-makes-journey-to-be-with-daughter-in-albuquerque/

My interview with Andriy

Transporting supplies and people, how many trips have you made from the West to the East and back?
Andriy: I have made at least 8 trips that I can remember.

How many hours of driving is it each way?
Andriy:  It is 13 hours from the west to the church base camp.  It is an 8 hour drive from the base camp into Kyiv and back to the base camp.  Driving from the east to the west usually takes 11-13 hours, depending on traffic.

How many people have you transported to safer areas?
Andriy:  Approximately 30 people

How many kilograms of supplies have you carried from the west to refuge centers, families and places that cannot evacuate?
Andriy:  Easily 1000-15000kg (450-700lb)

How many kilometers have you driven?
Andriy: 13,000km (8,077mi)

What is the price of fuel for your van?
Andriy:  It converts to about $6.50 US dollars per gallon

What have most of the donations given to you purchased?
Andriy:  These donations have gone to buy food and medicine that we have brought to lots of specific families.  We have also bought and delivered food and medicine to several different centers, including a center for orphans with special needs this week.  Also, these donations purchased fuel for 4 or 5 other drivers, so these donations are blessing many, many people.

Do you think these trips will continue or become less frequent, and how will needs change in the next month?
We drivers will most likely soon need to go further east into much more dangerous areas to help people evacuate.  We are also trying to buy ammunition for members of our church who have joined the military and working on getting them supplies from Europe and Amazon.de.

Thank you to each one of you who have donated and thank you to each one of you who are praying daily for Andriy’s safety and for this invasion to end.  God has truly blessed to meet Andriy’s needs as he has worked tirelessly to help many, many people in Ukraine!  Thank you to each one of you for being a part of Andriy’s mission to help others!  As a reminder, all donations made to Andriy are tax-deductible and 100% of funds cleared after credit card fees are available to Andriy…our organization does not keep any funds for management or maintenance…so you can rest assured your donation is sent to Andriy in its full amount!  https://give.woee.org/