WOEE 2019 Fall Update and Prayer Requests

WOEE 2019 Fall Update and Prayer Requests

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Thank you for your prayers this summer!

I hope this email finds each one of you enjoying the beginning of Fall and if the temperatures are not cool yet, hopefully next week will be the true arrival of Fall in your state!  We had the pleasure of hosting the Kolbovskyi family for 2 weeks at the end of August here in Georgia!  Alla chaperoned 4 children from an orphanage to America.  She was the only chaperone of the 4 (plus her son) children all the way from Kyiv to Minneapolis to be hosted for 6 weeks.  During her stay in Minnesota we were able to fly her and Lukian to Georgia where she was surprised at the airport to see Andriy who she did NOT know would be traveling to America to surprise her!  We had a great time and Andriy told me that each of the prayer requests that I had sent in the summer letter were definitely fulfilled above his expectations.  Andriy was extremely pleased how very well they met all the challenges that presented and how successful each camp was!  Both because of exhaustion and his current car situation Andriy did not host any Fall outdoor camping trips this year.

Andriy definitely needs prayer regarding his current vehicle situation:  Since receiving his newest car he has placed just over 100,000 miles in the past two years performing his orphanage outreach ministry.  He spent around $650 while here in America letting his mechanic perform some repairs to give it a few more months.  Andriy definitely needs guidance and wisdom to determine whether to perform extensive engine replacement or trade his vehicle in to purchase a new vehicle.  We all remember how many tire issues Andriy had last year, and although he has found a good wheel and tire combination that is more durable and resilient to the poor roads, he believes that for the foreseeable future he may need to replace the car.  Please pray for Andriy to have wisdom making this decision and if you are able to donate specifically for this need, please do so at: 

Also, a need has presented at one orphanage where Andriy is helping to perform several repairs.  One major need is the orphanage’s water supply.  We have created a project for a new water well to be drilled which is located at https://give.woee.org/en/well    

Thank you so much to those of you who are regularly monthly donors to Freeway!  While it is only around 10% of this subscriber list, it helps Andriy budget his resources and plan for a few months ahead.  I ask each one of you to consider becoming regular monthly donors…the amount would not matter!  It gives Andriy much confidence to see those that believe in him and in his cause to reach others through Freeway!  One time gifts are always appreciated as well and he definitely needs some as this vehicle need is approaching more rapidly than he wants.  To finalize, I want to remind each one of you that ALL the funds donated go to the project indicated.  WOEE does not retain any money and is simply here to organize funding for Andriy and others helping others!  Thank you for taking time to read and pray!