Winter 2022-2023 Update

Winter 2022-2023 Update



WOEE Winter 2023 Update

Hello all supporters of Andriy!  I hope this email finds you blessed in this new year!  Andriy has been exceptionally busy since my last update immediately before Christmas, as you will see below!

Andriy was able to pay for coal for 4 homes in a village that had multiple refugees, including elderly widows.  He was also able to supply wood for several homes nearby.  In addition, there is a local church that Andriy donated fuel to. They are providing a warm place with food for people and have generators so people can charge their devices and stay in contact with others.

On another mission, Andriy was able to deliver many gas heaters for warmth to families in the East who were greatly in need.  Thank you to the people of Refuge Church in Albuquerque, NM for making this possible with a very generous donation that paid for several vehicle repairs and many heaters and fuel!

One place he visited in Donetsk region had a basement where 6 families were living around the clock to stay more safe from the Russian shelling in the area.  Power is off for days at a time…we cannot count all the blessings we have in America.

In the Kherson region, Andriy arranged delivery of an entire semi truck full of wood, and brought more wood cookstoves to the previously occupied city!

Andriy was also featured on a radio station!  That interview is available on YouTube!  It is in Ukrainian but if you open it in the Youtube App or watch it on a computer browser, by fidgeting with the CC Closed Captioning you can read an English translation: on the iPhone, 1) Click on the 3 vertical dots next to CC at the top right corner. 2) Click Captions, 3) Select Auto-Translate, 4) Select English.

Andriy was able to get some meat cutting equipment and has begun experimenting creating dried meat jerky to send to troops and people from the frontlines!  His first batch consisted of beef, chicken and turkey. The collage shows the stages from cutting to drying to finally vacuum sealing them so they last!  Andriy is amazing!

Finally, in Kherson Andriy and Jeff from Mercy Projects met a local pastor who, during the 8-9 month occupation by Russian soldiers, was able to witness and lead a Russian soldier to Christ!

Spring Projects!

Andriy’s Spring Projects

1) we will buy 3 greenhouses for families from Chernobyl region

2) we are planning to supply 100 families with seeds for planting in Kherson region, Donetsk region and Chernobyl region

3) we are planning to purchase 50 sets of bees (all the people in Kherson region who had bees lost them during this winter because of the war)

4) we are planning to purchase 50 heating stoves for people in Kherson region

5) planning to continue to purchase firewood for people in all 3 regions

***Andriy has successfully delivered and installed 2 greenhouses at homes!  Also, he and his team have boxed seeds of many types of vegetables to give to the greenhouse owners and to one thousand other families in the villages he has been supporting!

Please continue to pray for Andriy’s efforts and for him to make the most of every dollar that you donate!  Please pray for people’s hearts to be touched and open for Andriy to tell them of the love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus while he is ministering to their physical needs!  Donations may be mailed to Without Excuse Endeavor, PO Box 52, Toccoa GA 30577 or given online to

P.S. I emailed donation receipts on January 6th and mailed statements to US addresses I had on file around Jan 16th.  If you cannot find it in your email or physical mail, please let me know and I would be happy to provide another in just a couple days!  Thank you to all who help Andriy, an amazing man with an amazing heart for those in need!