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Director: Andriy Kolbovsky ( )

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Mission:  Freeway was created in 2003 to aid the situation of orphans and families in Ukraine.  Andriy works hard to establish close relationships with children and teens as he tells them they are loved and wanted by our Heavenly Father and offers them hope for the future.  His target is at-risk youth and orphans at the highest risk for harm (i.e. trafficking, drug use/abuse, physical violence, etc.). Andriy also has a burden to keep families together that are at risk of losing their children and providing basic needs for the elderly.

In Action:  for teens:  Andriy’s operation has grown from an after-school program in the neighborhood of Brovary that included study groups, English-classes and team sports (like volleyball) to become a multi-regional support network that provides heating wood to elderly grandmothers, builds small farms for families to provide for themselves, provides food for those unable to work, dental visits for at-risk children, and organizes repair projects for homes and orphanages in need.  Andriy and his team also organize summer camps and boys camping trips, always with a theme that teaches lessons about a God who loves them and Biblical principles.  for orphans:  Andriy has relationships with several orphanages and helps them by bringing them supplies for the children such as shoes, food and clothes, as needed.  His desire is to organize local churches and families in close vicinity of each orphanage to become close to the directors and children, as well, so that no children may fall through the cracks.